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if you paint a hint cell in black, the hints will be disappeared as it never existed!! It's a new type of games. Please be careful not to get too addicted!

Who is a liar?
Hints may lie to you!? Let's detect which hints are liar. New style puzzle game is comming!

Gokigen Naname
Let's put oblique lines with number hint! There are small and large stages. You can enjoy long time!

Inshi no heya
You must fill all cells with nonzero single-digit numbers by dviding a big number. Let's train your multiplication and division skill!!

Genuine Minesweeper
Now minesweeper is not a game of chance!! This minesweeper to be certainly solved logically!

Thoroughly MineSweeper
The game is comming with evolution!
If you open safe cells in a line, the line is dissapeaed and new line will come. You can play this minesweeper persistently!

You need to choice moon or sun in a field. Let's try cute logic puzzle!

Building Puzzle 2
New style of Building Puzzle! How many building can you see from there?

The finish looks an art! Let's divide the field in black and white, and make rectangle.

Ripple Effect
A recommended game for Number Place lovers. A number which you put impact on around cells! This is a logic puzzle you need to think about the effect.

Bridges (Logic puzzle)
Connect all islands with bridges! It's a simple but difficult game!

Swipe Puzzle
Put pieces on goal cell "at the same time."
Your operation is only swipe!

Wall Logic
Put lines vertically or horizontally. A recommended game for Number Place lovers.

Put battle ships on the sea. Let's play marine logic puzzle!

Akari Puzzle
You must put lamps on the field to fill light all cells. You need to think about obstructions. It's simple but difficult and addictive puzzle!

Connect the same numbers by a line! Be careful not to let the lines intersect other lines.

This is a deep Number Place which has large/small relation! We recommend this game to person who is tired with normal Number Place.

Thoroughly Club21
Make 21 with cards! Let's try solo-play blackjak!

Make a loop with number hints!
Let's play the famous puzzle game on your smartphone!

Color Number Place
It's puzzle game which you decide cats' territory.
We recommend Namber Place lovers.

Don't put the same number on a line! This is a simple and enjoyable puzzle game!

Let a cute monkey clumb a banana tree by rearrenging alphabets and making a word!

Goishi Hiroi
This is a game which is played for a long time! Can you pick up all stone?

Let's return all ○ to their countries! Move all ○ not to disturb other ○s.

Black cells must be a pair! Don't connect more or less black cells!

Bag Puzzle
Make a loop by put lines around cells. It's simple but you can enjoy for a long time!

Let all balls put in holes! However, the ball can be moved fixed times.

Thoroughly Baroness
Make 13 with cards! It's a simple card game!

Thoroughly MiniSquare
The time limit is one minite! Find color tile which make square in the field!

Burst open and Mix!
Burst shine by gathering shine pieces! Let's get high score by using fairy power!

Thoroughly Freecell
Let's play that famous card game on your smartphone!

Thoroughly solitaire
No time limit! No times limit! Let's enjoy solitaire!

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